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Who we are?

My name is Judi Bonilla a gerontologist with an entrepreneur mindset. My passion to help others better understand aging led me to a mission to rebrand aging. If I'm to be successful I need to grab the attention and today it means developing a digital platform. In a nutshell, it's how I got started and why I'm here to help you.

  • Learn how to develop a personal brand
  • Launch a book or project
  • Identify your home social media platform
  • Develop a social media strategy.

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About us

Our experience includes aging services at the local area, research at the regional level, and an international reach through social media.

We launched our first website almost a decade ago and soon joined Facebook and then Twitter. By embracing social media early on we discovered platforms to share our vision on reframing aging. Since then we adopted different platforms including podcasting and video blogging.By using social media we are able to connect with colleagues. In addition, we now reach a multigenerational market. Our vision of an intergenerational approach to aging became a reality.


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