5 Safety Conversations With Older Clients In October

October Safety Conversations With Your Older Clients 

October Safety Conversations are a great ways to mark the change of seasons. Now is the time to talk to your clients about to maintain their health and wellness. Here are my Top 5 safety conversations I recommend you have with clients.

Five Safety and Security Conversations For October

  1. Check Your Meds Day
  2. Check Your Mood Day
  3. Fall Car Care Month
  4. Fire Prevention Month
  5. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Safety👉 Check Your Meds

National Check Your Meds Day is observed each October 21st. Also known as a medication review, the activity  is designed to educate and promote effective use of medication. In addition, it’s an opportunity to identify over the counter medications, supplements or natural remedies that might reduce the efficacy of prescriptions. Learn more.

Safety👉 Check Your Mood Day

Check Your Mood Day is October 10th is an opportunity to discuss the emotional well-being of clients. This check is similar to other wellness screenings you discuss with your clients. On this day many community organizations have free mental health resources and information. Others may offer screenings to raise awareness for mental health.

Security👉 Fall Car Care Awareness Month

A change of seasons means a change in weather across the country. Now is the time to talk to your client’s about making their car is roadworthy for fall driving. Discuss, replacement of windshield wipers, a brake/tire check, and becoming familiar with how to quickly defog windows.

Safety👉 National Fire Prevention Month

National Fire Prevention Month is an excellent time to talk to clients about fire and home safety. Discuss the use of upgrading to a 10-year sealed battery alarm for low maintenance, minimizing fall hazards, and escape planning especially for individuals with limited mobility. 

Security👉 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. This year the focus is on personal accountability and stress the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity at home. Talk to your client’s about online scams.

About the Author

Judi Bonilla is the author of Freewheeling after Sixty and Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. She is the first gerontologist selected to speak at South by Southwest. In addition, she presented at the American Society on Aging and Certified Senior Advisors conferences. Learn more.