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Client Conversations

As a senior service provider the conversations we have with clients are often personal. While we might be there on a wellness visit. In fact, we’re assessing any changes in the client.  Perhaps, a change in the environment. In other words we’re trained to notice changes. When  I close a session the last thing I ask. “Is there anything else before we wrap up today?” Those magic words often unleash a new conversation. On the occasion it doesn’t, there a Plan B.

Plan B Client Conversations

For one thing Plan B conversations are relevant and educational. In addition, it’s also a relationship building. Finally, they’re also not mine! Namely the topics are a pick list of awareness events. In particular here’s my October list.

Awareness Activity + Discussion

Adopt a Dog | Discuss social isolation
Breast Cancer Awareness | Discuss regular exams
Cyber Security Fraud | Discuss prevention/Scam alerts
Dental Hygiene | Discuss Heart health/Health management
Domestic Violence | Discuss Social isolation
Halloween Safety | Discuss Home safety
Health Literacy | Discuss Medication review
Liver Awareness | Discuss Health management
Pharmacist | Discuss Medication review
Talk About Your Medicines | Discuss Medication review
National Depression Screening Day | Discuss Social isolation/Medication review
World Mental Health Day | Discuss Social isolation/Medication review
National Latino AIDS Day | Discuss Health Management/Social isolation/Medication review
Fire Prevention Week | Discuss Home safety
Mental Illness Week | Discuss Health management/Social isolation/Medication review

When you meet with your client use this list. Provide a context for social isolation and health management. Perhaps educate a client on a new program. More importantly open discussions outside the reason for appointment. By doing so you invite a whole person perspective. In effect, you identify yourself as a specialist in aging.

About the Author

Judi Bonilla is the author of Freewheeling after Sixty and Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. She is the first gerontologist selected to speak at South by Southwest. In addition, she presented at the American Society on Aging and Certified Senior Advisors conferences. Learn more.