What We Do 

► We help consultants, tech startups, and small business owners develop strategies to reach the $5.6 trillion age 50 plus market by providing industry-specific marketing services. This includes community engagement, social media, and website optimization.

► In addition, we coach gerontologists, community outreach, and professionals in aging boost their social media skills. I offer coaching services including social media platform selection, follower development, and time-saving strategies.

►Lastly, we work with busy executives. Call us when you need solutions for senior housing and transportation.

How We Work

Our consulting service strategy focuses on saving time, improving the peace of mind and quality of life for our clients.

Author, The Everyday Gerontologist™ and Aging Expert, with a social media platform, focused on created awareness on aging in America. Using social media channels we translate research into programs enhancing aging across the lifespan.

✓ Founder of Brain Fit Now the first in-home brain health company. We believe better brain health begins at home. We bring trained affordable aging experts and gerontologists into the home for private coaching.

✓ Founder of Come Back Cupid where we know love is ageless. Come Back Cupid focuses on online daters age 60+. We provide age well centers and 55+ communities, interactive online classes.

✓ The author of Freewheeling After Sixty a comprehensive look at senior transportation with an action plan focusing on independence and mobility.

✓ Selected by SXSW panel as the first gerontologist to appear at the SXSWedu conference. Chosen to speak at the international conference on the opportunity for lifelong learning and the value to business, society, and health.

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